Top 5 Non-Veg Breakfast Joints in Hyderabad

Paradise – Secunderabad

If you are a Non- Veg Lover than ‘PARADISE’ Secunderabad is the place to have best Breakfast. 

Must Tries at Paradise : 

Mutton Kheema Roti 

Mutton Chilli Roti 

Mutton Kheema Roti & Mutton Chilli will be served from 7AM to 11AM in the ‘PARADISE’ Secunderabad outlet. Both delicious, flavourful curries will go well with their soft Rotis. These are hot selling items of Paradise at mornings, the restaurant will be jam packed with the customers and many are lined up for their turn. The experience of having these delicious items won’t satisfy your appetite by one single plate, you have to order 1 or 2 more 😛

After your Breakfast, Don’t forget to have their ‘Irani Chai’ with Osmania Biscuit. 

Address Link :

Hotel Nayaab, Charminar 

One More Non-Veg Breakfast Heaven in Hyderabad is ‘Hotel Nayaab’ in Charminar

Must Tries at Hotel Nayaab : 

Mutton Paya  

Mutton Brain Fry (Bheja Fry)

These 2 items are super famous at Hotel Nayaab, and this place is known for its authentic ‘Nawabi Food’ you can have these curries with Soft rotis, Naan’s or Bread. If your taste buds are craving for some delicious nawabi food, than this is your destination on the mornings. Early mornings Hyderabadi climate will refresh your mood and the food of Nayaab will satisfy your hunger. 

Restaurant will start their operations from Morning 4 AM. 

Address Link :

Hotel Shadab, Charminar

For Non-Veg Lovers Shadab is one more food joint which will serve delicious Kheema, Magaz and Nihari

Must Tries at Hotel Shadab : 

Nalli Nihari 

Mutton Kheema

Magaz (Brain)

These three items are must try at this food point. As I am a Non-Vegitarian food lover, I enjoy to have all the items here with the Naan. It tastes deliciously awesome and satisfy my hunger. Nihari is a special dish prepared with Chicken / Mutton on a low flame, it’s very famous during Ramzan Month. In Shadab Both Chicken and Mutton varieties are available 365 Days.

Hotel Operations will start at 5AM.

Address Link :

Your Choice Tiffin Center, Ramya Grounds, KPHB

Your Pocket friendly and home kind of food joint

Must Tries at Your Choice Tiffin Center : 

Chicken Poori,

Mutton Thalakaya Curry Poori

Here you can taste a Home kind of regular Poori, Dosa and Idli with Non Veg Curries. They Serve you breakfast with Chicken Curry, Mutton Thalakaya Curry and Mutton Boti. It’s a very small joint but, it won’t disappoint you in their service, Quality and quantity of the product. 

Their Operations will start at 7AM.

Address Link :

Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare, Kothaguda

A unique combination of breakfasts at heart of IT corridor. 

Must Tries at Kodi Kura Chitti Gaare : 

Gaare with Natu Kodi Curry

Gaare with Mutton Curry

Gaare is the signature dish of the restaurant, it will go well with Natu kodi curry and mutton curry. And the best to have at the restaurant is the same items as suggested above. They even serve Idli, Dosa and poori with Mutton and Chicken curries. They even have Kheem dosa in their menu. 

Restaurant Operations will start at 12PM. This will be a best place to have Brunch.

Address Link :

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