The man left, but his foot prints on earth will be permanent.

To save the environment from contaminating, he fought for years, who was before a freedom fighter. Till his last breath, he lamented for greenery and plantation. Wherever he finds an open barren lands, he planted trees, and today, which became 5M trees totally.

He born in a small village in the Tehri District of Uttarakhand, on 2nd June 1922. He started loving nature and plants from his school days. He planted his first plant when he was 8 years old. He has a record of planting 5M trees in his own place (Tehri). He converted the barren lands to the heaven of greenery by planting unlimited plants.

10 years ago, he lost his vision due to the dust while planting trees. He gave his life, he gave his vision to the nature. He lost his vision, but he never loses his perseverance. After loosing his vision also he plated thousands of plants. 

The journey of planting a tree was not so easy, many people blamed him by calling him land occupier. But he never lost his hope and continued his good work and created good faith and name.

He was a Nature Lover. He was a Freedom Fighter. He Lost his vision in his loved work. Whole country called him as ‘Vruksha Manav’. He was a ‘Tree Man’. And he is Mr. Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani, who left us at the age of 96.

The man left, but his foot prints on earth will be permanent and will give more and more oxygen to the generations. 

‘He is great, He Was Great, He will be great forever. Rest in Peace sir.’

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