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What Say’s Mr. Ahwaan about ‘Why Cheat India’

The construct of Soumik Sen’s WHY CHEAT INDIA is a nod to the stereotypical Emraan Hashmi film- the actor who has mastered the art of playing unscrupulous characters and brought finesse into the grey shades depicted by him. In Jannat, he had played the match fixer without a pinch of moral ambiguity. Here, he plays Rakesh Singh who runs a seedy business of procuring seats at different educational institutions to non-meritorius students by striking deals with influential shots, coaching institutes and bright ‘achiever’ students.

The plot is set in UP where the competition in entrance examinations is humungous owing to the availability of merit seats and such corrupt practices are rampant. Scripted by Sen, the plot deals with the vulnerability of a bright student,Satyendra Dubey aka Satu(Snighadeep Chatterjee) who falls prey to Rakesh’s scheme.It is an exciting idea at hand and the narrative reveals Rakesh’s modus operandi , but not with enough grit and coherance.

The first half coasts nicely but the cracks begin to show in the post interval portions, with a lot of plot detours and less-involving romantic track which doesn’t feel entirely convincing because of the disjointed parts.To make the time progression appear simpler, there are time stamps used in many sequences and the technological paraphernalia are intact.

Amidst all these, Hashmi does the heavy-lifting here , by turning the tables towards him. Why Cheat India rests on his shoulders and the actor brings in enough sincerity and commitment to his part, even though the writing is not powerful enough to address the vicious pressure thwarted by the parents on the students to perform and bridge the gap of debt and income.Sneha Dhanwanthary, who forms Rakesh’s romantic interest, does a decent job but the character deserved more meat onto it.

On the whole, the film tries to be honest in shedding light on the problems plaguing our education system but it doesn’t become an entirely satisfying watch.

I go with 2 and half stars.

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