Don’t Drink So much, Only One Peg, your Job ‘FASAK’.

Generally, when somebody caught for drunk and drive test, the police will take you to counselling, to court or they imply some fine on you. But here we have some twist. Hyderabad Traffic Police is planning to send an official letters to your company Human Resource department, if you caught in Drunk and Drive. This even implies to Govt Employees.

One copy of such letter is circulating in social media from the past couple of days. In the letter The Traffic Department urged the companies to create awareness for their about the traffic rules and road accidents.

As a responsible and educated citizens, we have to follow the traffic rules. Consuming alcohol is not a bad thing, but after drinking, driving is dangerous.

So, Be careful guys. Enjoy your life without creating any nuisance to others. Don’t keep your life and job at risk. Before you take such decision, think about your family who is waiting for you at your home.

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