World Famous Pamarru Pan..!!

To digest your heavy meals pan is must from a small kid to the great leaders of the country. Form Banaras Pan to Pamarru Pan is world famous.

Friends will ask for Sweet pan after a great Biryani party, and a kid will ask you for a Sweet Pan after a family dinner. Everybody loves to have pan after a meal.

Making a Killi (Pan) is not an easy thing. It has to have an expertise and magic of folding after pouring lots of ingredients into it. Some people will make it very fast and for their making style people will go crazy. 

So, the kind of magic hands has Mr. Jagapathi who invented the famous Pamarru Pan in Pamarru, Krishna District, AP 60 Years ago and his son now continuing his era and introduced the taste of this pan to Hyderabad from 2001. 

Mr. Ramakrishna son of Mr. Jagapathi himself makes the PAN at his restaurant Chaitanya Food Court, which is located at KPHB, Near to Forum Sujana Mall. 

This Chaitanya’s famous pan now expanded to many different places like Nellore, Tirupati, Vizag, Godavari Districts and even Chennai. Only to Vijayawada they transport 3K to 4K everyday.

Many Movivie celebrities and political leaders will love to have this famous pamarru pan. On Sundays they will give pan for free of cost with meals at their restaurant. 

The pan is made of 35 different ingredients, which adds delicacy to it. The ingredients are nutmeg, betel nut, clove, cardamom, Kankola, cherry, Tutti Fruity, etc. They even include Gold Leaf and Silver leaf which will cost more than a regular pan. 

Mr. Ramakrishna, Preparing Pan

Pan will stay for more than 2 days if you keep it in freezer. Mr. Ramakrishna will take ample of care for the hygiene of making of pan and packaging to keep it fresh for 2-3 days. 

The cost of the pan starts from Rs.6/- and it goes up to Rs. 600/-. 

What are you waiting for? grab your yummiest Pamarru pan now at the Chaitanya Food Court.

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