If you are a Hyderabadi than you should know about this Film Maker.

The burning issues which we generally ignore, those topics Anshul Sinha pick’s and studies it, research on it and make a movie which can make you think. He has never run for money or work for money, he never fears or cares about the circumstances after the film release, but he aims to target the topics which will shake you and shakes everyone.

He has a very clear vision that he wants to ‘Remove Poverty from India’, Hence, he got a small idea and implemented it in his college, which many of his friends supported and with that, they were able to get a few computers for a Blind school in Malakpet, Hyderabad.

The idea was to keep one box in his class and every day each of his classmates used to drop some amount in it. There is no limit or force to drop money in it. Whoever wants to contribute some to your society, can give. And the cause understood by all his friends and they stood along with him and his idea.

Later he shot a short video on it to spread the concept to different college students, he personally visited many colleges to explain it to them. Wherever he explained the concept all the colleges were adopted and started doing it.

A Basic Explanation of his Idea, if one student donates 1 rupee it equals to 1 rupee, in the same way, a lakh student donates 1 rupee it equals to 1,00,000 rupees, if they donate each day 1 rupee for a month it will become 30,00,000/-, it’s huge! Isn’t it? So with that amount we can give shelter to the poor, can give good education to the orphans and can do many more. It was a small idea, but it has guts in it to change the world.

A short video on the coin box concept have changed the mindset of many people and the change which he dreamed for is happening, so he decided to make the films and highlight the burning issues which were ignored by many of us. In 2012 his film “Lapet” released, the concept of the film was on ‘unity is strength’, the film received 25 national awards and it received the first international award at ‘MY HERO International Film Festival, Los Angeles in 2013.

He started working with HMTV news channel as a program producer, where his job was to shoot short films and documentaries. While working at the channel, he shot a documentary film called “The Unseen Disaster’’ which was a 20-minute film on bio-medical waste in Hyderabad. 3 months of hardcore research followed, which received a lot of appreciation. The documentary film was telecasted live on the channel in prime time and the film also got a response from the health minister regarding the issue. He made 5 short films for HMTV news channel. “The Unseen Disaster’’ received a lot of appreciation from the film festivals where it received 14 international nominations and 11 awards. He also wrote a short fictional story which was inspired by the Dilsukhnagar bomb blast.

Road of Spero

In 2013, he directed a short feature film with a collaboration of Last Mile Solution (a skill development training group). It was a 40-minute film, which took almost 5 months of vehement research. There were 45 roadshow screenings done of ‘Road of Spero’ in Hyderabad, and the Telangana Government took this film as a part of their TASK initiative program for the skill development training and started screening this film all across Telangana. A total of 60 screenings was done.

Gateway to Heaven

The Next movie he made upon the ‘Satyaharishchandra foundation’ which does the last rites of unknown and unclaimed dead bodies where they have completed the last rites of 12000 dead bodies. After hearing the story of the person behind this foundation, Mr. Sinha decided to make a film on it. After 1 year of research in 2014, he left his job in HMTV and took up a night shift job in HSBC and utilized the money to make films ‘Gateway to Heaven’. He completed the film in 2015. It was during this time he got selected for TEDx Hyderabad where he gave his first international talk.

In 2015 there were 35 roadshow screenings conducted for ‘Gateway to Heaven’ and the film received 11 international nominations. In the UK it won 3rd prize among 65 countries. The film also received an official selection at ‘The Ischia film festival’ in Italy, where the film was screened as one of the top 4 films among the 85 countries. Anshul was invited by the film festival as a special guest to attend the festival. In the same year, he left his corporate job and became a producer in ‘Raasta Film Studios’ where he shot corporate films and documentaries and was an assistant director for 3 ad-films.

Blind Image

In parallel with ‘Gateway to Heaven’ in 2015, and in the following year, he also made short films like ‘Blind Image’ which received 7 awards, ‘Andhra/Telangana’ which received 2 awards, ‘Lapet 2’ which received 9 international awards and ‘Lapet 3’ which received 2 international awards.

Mitti: Back to Roots

Collaborating on his first feature film ‘Mitti: Back to Roots’ with G V Ramanjaneyulu (Founder of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture). Anshul conducted 8 months of research in 2016 and by the end of September 2016, the final draft of the film was ready. In 2017 ‘Mitti: Back to the Roots’ was shot and it was completed by the end of the same year. 175 individuals and many NGOs collaborated to produce the movie. There were 85 shows conducted for ‘Mitti: Back to Roots’. Anshul was then awarded ‘Pride of Telangana’ from the Round Table Conference Group and was also nominated for two more TEDx talks.


In 2018 he laid more emphasis on shooting 1 minute short films. His first 1-minute film ‘Waterman’ was shot in the month of January. ‘Waterman’ received 21 international nominations; state-level awards, and was among the top 4 films in Belgrade.

In many of his short films like ‘(B) Rain’, he used the concept of indirect communication which is unusual and mesmerizing and keeps the audience keen in anticipation. By creating 60 seconds and 30-second films which can be released on Instagram and all other social networks more exposure is possible. Anshul’s film making style lays emphasis on the storytelling concept so that the audience can relate to the main idea of the film at a personal level. This remains true in all forms of films. Storytelling through the film, he feels, can portray a vision in a manner like no other medium.

Having made his name in India, Sinha visited Belgrade and represented India on an international level while he also received the second prize in California. ‘Waterman’ was selected to be part of the Mexican film festival. In September 2018, Mitti had been screened at 85 shows in India and 25 shows across the USA, and then 1 show in Germany and 2 shows in Greece. By the end of the year 2018, Sinha completed 6 one minute films: (B)Rain, The Silent Voice, Verge, Mommy says so, Fear of Fall, Waterman. And by the end of the year, he had participated in more than 800 film festivals. Waterman will be screened in 25 different countries. And Anshul is further invited in 2019 to Croatia and Bosnia to present his films.

He has done his Master’s in Business Administration, Graduated in Journalism and He won a scholarship to complete a Fundamentals of Filmmaking from Annapurna Studios.

He is awarded as ‘Pride of Telangana’ and received 110 National & International Awards for his films, 55 8International Nominations and 4 times TEDx speaker.

His Upcoming Talks

Anshul has been invited as a speaker in 12 different places in India, his 4th TEDx talk is in March 2019 USA.

Wherever and whichever competition Anshul’s Film enters, it will shocks and mesmerizes the Jury of finalizing committee for his passion, imagination, and hunger to change the society from a very small issue to a bigger one.

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