Don’t let your Dream to become a Dream. Make it Real.

A techie of Lambadipalli, Jagityal District created a platform for himself as well to a 7 member’s team from the same village by starting a YouTube channel. He used to work as a lecturer before starting YouTube Channel. He was not satisfied with the job and not like to stay away from his native. From his childhood, he wanted to be in the village and wanted to do something to his village.

Initially he started the channel to educate the village people and to keep update about the development happening in the village. Over a time its became very famous with the funny village videos, after crazy response all around, he taken it as a full time job and shifted to village.  

Along with his friends in the village he has done various videos, shows the village culture and funny side of their behaviors, which he directs with a comic touch to it to create some fun. Those videos will leave a laugh on everyone’s face, who have come from the rural background, because everyone must have come across at least one time from those events.

Raju is a one of the super star of the show, after creating a good name and fame now he is working for one of the popular news channels as a news presenter. He acted in Srikanth’s YouTube channel programs like “Dawat” “Batkani KottuduThootla Pantu” “Dayyam Pattindi” Etc., which were trending videos in youtube and all have crossed morethan 3M each.

Anil Geela, Anji Mama, and Gangavva are charming stars of the channel, they have featured in many TV shows as a guest appearance and now they have been got many movie offers. They were the superstars of the YouTube fanfest in 2018. Even a Tollowood superstar Vijay Devarakonda taken a selfie with Gangavva, that famous she is.

The world famous kiki challenge, these boys have taken it to the next level by doing it in fields and all the national and international media covered that. One video and they reached to the each and every corner of the world.

They got a personal invitation from Bahubali Team, Mr. Rajamouli himself liked the video on VR – Villagers reaction on Google Card Board, and he himself appreciated Srikanth in his Twitter Account.          

Mr. Srikanth & his team’s main aim is to develop his own village and educate the people. They started constructing a ‘Human Resource Development committee building’ by spending almost 8 lakh rupees. And it shows how they serious about their mother land. Every youth learn this from Srikanth and team.

Srikanth got few movie chances for direction, but he politely denied the offers because he wants to focus more on his own channel and stay in his village only.

If you have zeal to do something, you don’t required any costly equipment. Here again it’s proved. He started the channel with a very basic camera and he used to edit the video’s in an iPad. Now, after success of the channel, he believes in simplicity, he uses the basic system for editing and basic camera for shoot. Recently he purchased a GoPro and Drone which is added some more beauty to his videos.

I end this article with one line here ‘if you have talent and dedication, you don’t need of any handsome salaried job to satisfy yourself and your family’. Srikanth just followed his passion and converted his basic ideas into reality with the help of other villagers and hard work never fails, Proved again. Now he is working for his passion and crated employment for few more people.

More to come Srikanth from you, Keep doing good work and keep posting the Village culture videos to educate our next generation. The culture shouldn’t be forgotten, it should be followed.

And I haven’t told the name of the channel yet, it is “MY VILLAGE SHOW

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