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Ocean Basket a Seafood Destination in Hyderabad

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Oceans Basket one more unique conceptualized restaurant added in feathers of Hyderabad. It’s just started a month ago and grabbed the attention of many food lovers. The decor concept is good with boats, fishing lines and sails, which is the main theme of the restaurant. This is a pure seafood restaurant. If you are a big seafood lover than, it’s a definite stop for you. They have a separate menu for kids, no need to worry about, what to order for kids.

Mr. Sarfaraz is the owner of the Oceans Basket, who is a dentist by profession. With the passion he started this exclusive seafood restaurant inBanjarahills, Hyderabad.

It’s a smalltiny place, the ambience is very unique and different with boats, fishing linesand a live counter. The Must tries are here like Tom kha, coconut dumpling, CesarSalad, seafood Kheema Biryani, Murral grilled fish, royyalaigrru, Acharibtandoorijhinga & Phuket fish. And don’t forget to try their mock tails, which are nonalcoholic.

The TempuraPrawns is the signature dish of the Oceans Basket, which you won’t get anywherein Hyderabad. To have this finger licking dish you need to visit this place. It’sa Thai crunchy dish, serves with tempura sauce. You have to pour the sauce witha tablespoon on the prawn and have it.

They have pocket-friendly prices, which doesn’t affect your pocket, but makes your tummy happy.. yo.. 😉

Check the below video link for detailed information.

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