This Test is must for Pregnant Woman.

Due to change in lifestyle day by day illness is increasing and deliveries became difficult. 170 million mothers die in every lakh outlets in the country. This number is higher in some states. The pre-eclampsia test for pregnant women is available to prevent these deaths. This Lumela test was launched by a Diabetomics Organisation. Hence, the doctors are likely to identify those who are prone to eclampsia.

The pre-eclampsia disease, known as normal BP (Blood Pressure), will also affect the baby after delivery, Doctors saying. With these types of tests, Pre-eclampsia can be detected in the 20th week of pregnancy, and the risk of maternal mortality has been reported by doctors. The results will come in ten minutes by dropping 2 drops of blood into Lemellah Kit. The test is recently introduced so it may cost about a thousand rupees.

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