PUBG Problems..!

On-line mobile game PUBG is not only disturbing just a child’s education but even wedding life also. We are not playing this game but this game is playing with human lives. Those who are playing the PUBG, to not to have any disturbance they are taking extreme steps. One Malaysian left his house because he is getting disturbed while playing PUBG due to his family and responsibilities.

A Malaysian Husband left his wife with a 4-month pregnancy and did not return home even after 6 months he had gone to play a game on mobile. A Malaysian woman shared her story in a Facebook post.

Just a few days ago, the man was acquainted with PUBG by his brother. He became familiar with those seasons and gunfights, and he forgot his job and family responsibilities. All night he used to play PUBG with friends and he sleeps in the mornings. He left the job and keeps plying PUBG. This led to financial difficulties at home. But didn’t bother about it and keep playing PUBG.

He was angry when his wife told him to leave PUBG after this situation. He left home after being repeatedly asked to take care of family responsibilities. Now she is in the face of the dilemma, she requesting everyone to pray for her husband to come back to home in the Facebook post.

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