What Says Mr. Ahwaan about BADLA

What Says Mr. Ahwaan about #BADLA

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“The film stays faithful to its original but fails to become a compelling thriller”

Exactly 7 years back, Sujoy Ghosh had made a startling bounce back with #Kahaani – a biting thriller with freshness and brimming with novelty and a indie touch.Badla, directed by him, is a scene-to-scene rehash of the Spanish thriller The Invisible Guest, modelled as a mystery around a lawyer and his accused client. So here goes my statutory warning – Do not watch the original and ruin your experience of watching this Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu starrer.

Bachchan plays Badal Gupta, a succesful lawyer in Glasgow,UK who hasn’t lost a single case in his 40 years of work. He is entrusted with the responsibility of proving his accused client – Naina Sethi ( Taapsee)innocent, a married business woman who is alleged to have murdered his boyfriend. While Badal strongly expects Naina to be honest and truthful while presenting the facts , he discovers baffling events around the crime, thereby making the case more convoluted and dense. The element of trust becomes more critical as their dialogue ensues.

And thats not the problem with Badla. Ghosh sincerely crafts the thriller with a justified pace and mood. In fact , not only does he stay faithful to the original screenplay except for the swap of gender of its protagonists , he recreates the gloomy atmospherics with the stunning and icy locales of Glasgow. There is ample finesse in the way he peels off the layers of this complex plot , thereby keeping the viewer engrossed. But what’s missing in the narrative is genuine feeling and a sense of urgency. So , revenge as the core theme becomes mechanical rather than essential.

But given the limitations of the plot, its not easy to conjure up a suspenseful drama that relies largely on the conversational aspect and mind games.And that’s where Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu catapult the material in hand to a commendable level.Bachchan is incredible and irresistible, so much in control of the character.Even at 76, he performs his part with such elan and energy. Taapsee does even something more challenging – standing firmly against BigB and enacting a layered and diabolical part with panache. She also portrays the physicality with conviction – a worn out,emotionally drained woman suffering a personal wreakage in her family.Amrita Singh is getting better with each role and here she brings in the much needed intensity. Manav Kaul does justice to his cameo..

On the whole, BADLA is consistently watchable but doesn’t come close to Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani.Bachchan and Taapsee do make it engaging with their dynamics.

I go with 3 stars

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